Women Building Queensland

A new campaign has been launched to encourage more women to enter into construction and to celebrate the women already making pathways within the industry.

The Women Building Queensland initiative is touting Queensland women as an invaluable pool of untapped talent and is encouraging more women to consider a career within construction. 

Helen Fedoruk from The National Association Of Women In Construction Queensland (NAWIC) advised, women would play a vital role in the future of the construction industry.

“The future of the construction industry in Queensland is bright.  There is significant investment in infrastructure with everything from building to rail and road projects.  

“We can’t ignore the fact though that Queensland, and indeed Australia, is facing a construction skills shortage so now is the time to start considering the role that women can play in filling these roles.”

Said Helen, “Construction is a really rewarding industry for people of all genders.  With project diversity, high pay levels and the ability for career progression, it’s an industry that offers strong employment opportunities and a high level of job satisfaction.

“Too much emphasis has been placed to date on the low numbers of women in construction. Let’s flip that narrative and start talking about construction as a great career opportunity for people of all genders.

“If we are serious about creating opportunities within the industry, parents, educators and employers all need to play a role in that and help change perceptions of gender driven career paths.

“The ability to learn, work hard and deliver a great project aren’t attributes defined by gender.  Quite simply, if you have the right attitude and are given the opportunity to hone your skills, you will succeed in any industry – construction included.”

Women interested in a career in construction and employers looking to provide more opportunities for women, are encouraged to find out more at www.womenbuildingqld.com.au