What Is Influencer PR?

Influencer PR

Bloggers and social media favourites can be a very powerful PR resource. Your most loved Instagram author no doubt ranks incredibly highly with you – you seek out their posts, trust their judgement and jump onboard with their trends and styles.

“Influencer” is one of those buzz words that has been circulating in the PR world for the past 12 months and rightfully so. An Instagram fashionista, a wellness blogger, a style guru or a pinterest mad foodie could very well be key for connecting with your target audience.

Working with these influencers is a positive way to communicate about yoru brand, across multiple platforms and in a cost effective format.

Modern consumers are in full control of the content they consume. Show them an ad on TV and they’ll likely forward it, place an ad in the paper and well – it too could be forgone for the digital version. If you want to reach your increasingly self sufficient consumer – you should explore influencers as a way of cutting through the media clutter.

Your customer will tend to trust the information they are seeing from their influencers more then any ad you will show them and to that end, we predict influencers (and their value) will be on the rise this year and beyond.

So how do you work with an influencer?

Influencers essentially work as an advocate for your brand. It could be over a short term campaign or for a longer-term arrangement – perhaps through a formal sponsorship or partnership arrangement.

Through content, your influencer will share information regarding your brand, services and products.

Of course, finding the right influencer is key. As always, you need to do your research on this front to find the right fit with your brand and budget.

Using an agency to connect with your influencer is often the wisest idea as it will ensure that your brand expectations, objectives and key messages are clearly briefed to the influencer and the campaign is structured and fail proof.

So happy influencer research – we’re sure you’ll find some great ambassadors for your brand!