How To Repurpose Content

Content Marketing Brisbane

Repurposing is a big trend these days and while most of us can see the connection between repurposing our old furniture, we often forget that our content can have more then one application.

Let’s be honest here. Crafting content that is a hit really is an achievement. It takes much research, creative thinking, proofing, editing and more proofing and editing before you send that labour of love out into the stratosphere.

So if your content hits a nerve with your readers and has a great take up, why wouldn’t you aim to repurpose the content to other platforms?

If you have a great content piece, why not consider also using your content for:

  • Creating a slide deck or presentation on Slideshare
  • Using as an infographic or visual piece
  • As the basis for a webinar
  • Factual teasers for twitter or Instagram
  • A podcast

Reach new audiences, amplify your more popular pieces or breath new life into historical content with repurposing – a handy tool in the social media stars arsenal!