4 Tools Every PR Pro Should Be Using

Our office is always full of action,  so we’re definitely in favour of anything that makes life more efficient, organised and easier. Below are four free tools we constantly use to provide us with insight and help boost productivity.


Topsy is a social media search, monitoring and analytics site which allows communication specialists to identify trending topics. You can also use topsy to measure the exposure of an event or campaign and predict future outcomes. It’s great for shaping news angles around current trends and will allow you to find the most influential Twitter users for any topic.

Google Analytics

Googly Analytics helps to analyse visitor traffic to a website, tracking the routes people have taken to get there and even the devices they used. It also measures site visits, bounce rate, audience demographic, which pages were visited and more. This data is priceless for both PR professionals and inbound marketers.  Measure the impact of your campaign, track conversions and identify any barriers that your client might have to sales by following the flow of traffic on the site.  We love everything about this handy little tool and you’re clients will love the insights you can share with them too!


Simply put, INK361 is an Instagram web interface. Forget your phone, with INK361 you can view photos in full size and comment using your computer keyboard. It also has some useful features including an account overview, which measures engagement and shows which posts are performing best.


Teamwork is a workflow and collaboration system. It’s a great tool for keeping you and you’re team organised allowing you to create team WIPS, project charts, editorial milestones and go live events. When assigning tasks in Teamwork you can pick a start and end date, attach useful documents and leave instructions so your team will know exactly what they have to do, reducing the need for constant meetings.  Teamwork is definitely our office’s secret weapon!

Do you have any other top tools that you use?  Share them with us via our Facebook page.