Our Pledge For Climate Change

The office is now on a green mission! We are pleased to announce that our team has recently joined the 1 Million Women Campaign, an initiative that invites women around Australia to pledge to protect our climate and our future by reducing their carbon footprint.

The campaign aims to inspire 1 million Australian women to cut 1 million tonnes of CO2. The organisation’s website gives plenty of simple and easy ways to reduce carbon emissions and a profile page where individuals can track their progress. So as a team, Lingo PR & Digital has committed to reducing 1 tonne of CO2 over the next year.

We are very excited to get behind this campaign and are passionate about making the office and our daily activities more environmentally friendly. We have been making these small changes all in hopes of achieving our goal –

• We are now a paperless office. We have tossed the old fax machine and ask that all communication to the office be via phone or email.
• The office has now switched to LED lighting – which is the best green lighting option available. LED lights use up to 50-90% less energy than regular lights, meaning a larger reduction on our carbon emissions.
• We are also now recycling our old printer cartridges, using recycled paper stocks and green friendly inks where possible.

We encourage you to take a look at the 1 Million Women Campaign, and take your own pledge to help combat climate change.