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Lingo PR Brisbane

We recognise that the days of traditional marketing and PR are over.  Simply pushing messages out to your audience and hoping the message sticks is no longer a clever strategy.


Our philosophy is simple. Embrace the new media landscape and don’t talk at your customers – talk with them.


Businesses that are succeeding in this digital age are those that are using content and experiences to attract, engage, convert and foster relationships with clients.

Lingo PR Agency Brisbane


Use content, events, ebooks, videos, social media and other content to attract buyers to your website. Share your content and optimise.

Lingo Public Relations Brisbane


Great. So you’ve got your buyer’s attention now engage with them – answer their questions and address their needs. Motivate them to take action.

Lingo Public Relations Brisbane


Now you are engaged with your client, convert them to become buyers. Use campaigns, offers and call to actions to convert your visitors to customers.

Lingo Public Relations Brisbane


Retaining your buyers and turning them into repeat buyers and advocates for your brands is the goal. Get to know your customers further and build rapport to foster an ongoing, trusted buying relationship.